Hi! I'm Riley, I'm Australian, 20, studying Nutritional Medicine at University, have been modelling on and off for 6 years and I've just come home from exploring Europe. This is my visual diary and personal journey to health, happiness and fitness.
Am I vegan? A raw foodist? I'm not into labels - so, when people ask me that question, I simply reply: "I eat what I want, when i want it." My only rule is: If I don't enjoy eating it, it doesn't make me feel nourished or zaps me of energy; I don't eat it. I'm not trying to live forever, I just want to feel as good as I can while i'm alive.
I want to inspire happiness, determination, self love, acceptance and intelligence.
Height: 6'1
Highest: 80kgs
Lowest: 67kgs
Current: 70.1kgs



I know I’ve reblogged this before, but I still do 100 a day, and I still get some pretty awesome compliments on my butt, so they work wonders!  Find a way to get them in your routines, and you’ll love what you see!


Also helps for the back!

Maybe I should start doing these!

Fitspo, thinspo, motivation, information + tips! :)  onefitmodel.tumblr.com

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